Monday, March 30, 2009

Three weeks and two days

(that's how long we've been married)
I can't believe it! It feels, already, like we've been together for forever. Isn't that just sappy and disgusting?! I'm happy-go-pukey just thinking a out it!! :) tee hee

I can honestly say that I wake up in the morning sometimes and am amazed that Christian is actually laying in the bed next to me -- that this dream-like life is real -- that everything I could ever have hoped for, and more, is REAL.

Ok, so life had certainly changed for me. I no longer run every which way for a job, I run every which way for groceries and laundry and dishes and dinners. I make beds. I vacuum the floors. I clean bathrooms. I chase a six-year-old around and around. I am having a blast!! It certainly doesn't keep me on the go-go like my life used to, so that is something I'm learning to deal with. I feel like I have so much time that I have no time at all (doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but it doesn't really have to). Some days I'm so good that I get all that done AND I take the time to work-out, read a book, write an email or two, call a friend, etc. Other days, I sit on my bottom, watch a movie (or two -- sue me!!), think of all the things I COULD/SHOULD be doing and laze around in my pj's saying "Get up CJ! Go work out! Go take a shower! You totally suck."

BUT there is hope on the horizon!! I got my clearance to be a substitute in PG County Public Schools (for this year) and had a killer interview with Montgomery County Public Schools for a full-time teaching job (for next year). I figure business may be a bit slow before Spring Break (which, by the way, is next week if you wanted to come visit and play with Sarah Lynn and me!!), but then teachers will get a taste of being at home and I'll get chances to be in the classroom. I'm excited!! Man, how I love being in the classroom! I really hadn't missed it much (so I thought) until I started getting things together for interviews and such. Now I can hardly wait.

Ok, enough of that... I've got laundry to do and HSM3 to watch... giggle.


Aunt Tiff said...

can't believe it has been three weeks already. Can't wait for May so I can come see you and meet your man and little miss sara. I would love to come visit for spring break and play with you and sara, but you see...I have these things called children that I would have to bring with me, and I would NEVER EVER do that to YOU or ME!!! Love ya girl! enjoy those days you get to just sit around and watch movies, because one day you will wake up and those days will be GONE!!!

Greenmoss and Sunny said...

you sound like Bella. Congrats on finding your Edward.

BTW, what is HSM3?


Clarissa Jane said...

believe me, i am enjoying these days. except i feel so, so lazy sometimes. bah!

he is my edward and my jacob all in one. couldn't be any better!

p.s. HSM3 = High School Muscial 3

I know, I am so lame. oh well. I love it!!