Saturday, April 24, 2010

Vicious Cycle

So, it turns out I'm a bit anemic. Boo. This means I have to take iron and vitamin c pills. What?! For reals?!

Oh, and these pills will probably bug my stomach and make me constipated. Oh, like I haven't already been suffering with both of those!!

Gee, I can't wait for all of these wonderful feelings to be compounded.

The problem here is that I don't really like all the things that would help me solve my issues naturally. I like spinach and broccoli, but not in large amounts and not all the time. I can handle to eat a prune or two without tossing my cookies (of course, that's when I'm not pregnant, so who knows now...).

The bigger problem here is I'm consistently sick to my stomach. They say eating helps. Sure, for about five minutes and then the burping begins and that makes my tummy even more sad. Oh, and I never feel like eating anything that is particularly good for me, so I'm not even really enjoying what I do eat.

I stare at my plate for about five minutes before diving in and deciding, yes, in fact it would be a good idea to eat. Especially so I can take my vitamins that want to destroy me if I don't have enough food on my stomach. But then if I eat too much my stomach wants to destroy me...

Do you see the vicious, ugly, horrible, terrible, awful, super over-dramatic (*giggle*) cycle?? Bad tummy, bad!

Christian said the other day, "Babe I'm so sorry you're not feeling well." My response?! "I'm not! Baby, WE'RE HAVING A BABY!!"

So, I guess that makes this all worth it. Nasty stomach, sleepy head, burping and drooling all together. (I feel like the first trimester is for a woman to understand what her poor baby is going to feel like for the first part of his life -- he's going to have a hungry tummy all the time; he'll be a super sleepy head so that will make it hard to eat as much as he wants to fill his achy belly; he'll be burping a lot although, it may be easy or hard; and baby's do a lot of droolin'.) :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

That explains the drooling...

So embarrassing, I've been drooling a lot when I am about to fall asleep and couldn't figure out what the problem was. Now, anyone who knows me knows I've been prone to drool ON OCCASION, but this has been happening A LOT. So, anyway, this made me laugh:

"Your mouth may be feeling the effects of pregnancy, too. Raised levels of hormones lead to swollen—and sometimes bleeding—gums. But another symptom is bizarre and so far unexplained: Many pregnant women experience increased saliva—spit. Gum or breath mints may help you dry out a little bit, but delivering your baby is the only real cure."

-- found on

More funny antidotes coming soon, I can feel it.

Still sleepy

I peed on a stick and it's confirmed.

Uh, so... We're going to have a baby AND It's really a lot more exciting to me than I am making it sound.

I found out two days ago and I am really happy about it. Christian (and, now, Sarah) keeps telling me we're going to have triplets. The twins I used to watch said we'll have twins - it's only fitting. I'm fine with taking it one at a time. :)

Maybe the reason I don't sound too enthused right now is because I am
t. i. r. e. d.
Normal, I've come to understand. But I hate being tired. I tried to catch a few minutes on the fly today, but one of the twins I am currently watching has recently decided that napping (or sleeping, ever, for that matter) really isn't a need. If I put her in her bed she'll sit up and thump her head on the side of her crib, or lay down and kick her legs hard enough to move the crib across the room. It's wild! She's wild! and she's driving me wild! ;)

So, honestly, 100%, I am excited to be pregnant. I am excited to have a baby. I am excited to be a mom (again). But I am not so excited about the tired, crabby, and not feeling great thing. I want to be happy and stress-free - I hear it's a much better way to have a happy and care-free baby. Here's hopin'!

The one who IS really, really excited, but just can't fully express it at this moment. (Just thought I'd at least share the exciting news.)