Thursday, April 8, 2010

I peed on a stick and it's confirmed.

Uh, so... We're going to have a baby AND It's really a lot more exciting to me than I am making it sound.

I found out two days ago and I am really happy about it. Christian (and, now, Sarah) keeps telling me we're going to have triplets. The twins I used to watch said we'll have twins - it's only fitting. I'm fine with taking it one at a time. :)

Maybe the reason I don't sound too enthused right now is because I am
t. i. r. e. d.
Normal, I've come to understand. But I hate being tired. I tried to catch a few minutes on the fly today, but one of the twins I am currently watching has recently decided that napping (or sleeping, ever, for that matter) really isn't a need. If I put her in her bed she'll sit up and thump her head on the side of her crib, or lay down and kick her legs hard enough to move the crib across the room. It's wild! She's wild! and she's driving me wild! ;)

So, honestly, 100%, I am excited to be pregnant. I am excited to have a baby. I am excited to be a mom (again). But I am not so excited about the tired, crabby, and not feeling great thing. I want to be happy and stress-free - I hear it's a much better way to have a happy and care-free baby. Here's hopin'!

The one who IS really, really excited, but just can't fully express it at this moment. (Just thought I'd at least share the exciting news.)


Taylor K said...

HOOOORAY! I am thrilled. :) I am in the middle of my Doula training. I think I should fly out when you go into labor to Doula you.

Eve said...

I'm so stinking happy for you. You're going to have so much fun!! Yay for babies and drool! Yours and theirs!

Jen Ard-Eischens said...

So happy for you, babies are such a blessing. The things they do to our bodies are not a blessing, but we love them that much more for it! Congrats!!

KaNdRa and JaReD said...

So excited for you!!! You are going to be the best mom ever! Oh and just hope that feeling tired, mood swings and drooling(hehe) are the only things that are hard to deal with. Because I do have to say that it only gets worse. Oh and watch out for the CRAZY dreams. I had THE MOST BIZZAR(?) dreams when I was pregnant. Jared loved to ask me in the morning "So what crazy dream did you have last night?". :)

Katie said...

Clarissa! Congratulations! I'm so excited for you! I can't imagine going through pregnancy (especilly the first trimester) AND taking care of three babies all day every day. I'm sure you MUST be super exhausted. I really am happy for you, though :) Congratulations again!

Fancy ;-) said...

WAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!! CJ, this is FANtastic news!!! I can hear the pregnancy postings to come... "It was like I had become George Banks and suddenly saw turmoil and destruction of miniature soldiers on my side of the street, and my "Nina" (Christian) saw happy-go-lucky boyscouts and tea parties on the other side of the street..."

Get ready. Get set. You're in for an adventure that some women only get to dream about. Live well and you'll do well. Dearest Clarissa, I am elated for you and Christian to add a mini-y'all to the eternal family. Best wishes for a well weathered pregnancy...and a daily blessed adventure in motherhood. Big hugs are sent your way!!!
Love always,

Iva said...


erin sheely said...

congratulations friend!!! that is so awesome!! i wish you a happy pregnancy!

Kim and Darren said...

Oh my gosh!! Congratulations! That's so exciting! Tip of the day #127..."if you start to drool uncontrollably, pee on a stick." Who knew? Makes perfect sense. :)