Thursday, April 8, 2010

That explains the drooling...

So embarrassing, I've been drooling a lot when I am about to fall asleep and couldn't figure out what the problem was. Now, anyone who knows me knows I've been prone to drool ON OCCASION, but this has been happening A LOT. So, anyway, this made me laugh:

"Your mouth may be feeling the effects of pregnancy, too. Raised levels of hormones lead to swollen—and sometimes bleeding—gums. But another symptom is bizarre and so far unexplained: Many pregnant women experience increased saliva—spit. Gum or breath mints may help you dry out a little bit, but delivering your baby is the only real cure."

-- found on

More funny antidotes coming soon, I can feel it.

Still sleepy


Aunt Tiff said...

I am sooooo excited for you guys!! You can probably almost hear me screaming from here:) Hang in there've only just begun...Make sure to get as much sleep now cause as the months go by and once the baby gets will no longer even know the meaning of sleep:) ya girl!

ps...don't worry, they really are worth all of the pain and suffering:')

Brianne said...

Congratulations!! I am so excited for you and your little family!!

Scott and Sarah said...

Too FUNNY & a big congrats!