Thursday, September 17, 2009

Downer of a day... sort of

It's rainy and cold. Blah.
I found out that I will not be getting paid for substituting the other day because the substitute office is whack. Boo.
I finally made it to give blood and my iron level was .1 too low. Lame.
I made plans with multiple friends today and either I messed them up or something else came up or they fell through. Shame.
BUT the husband is getting off early and we are going to the temple. Who needs sunshine, money, proper iron levels and friends (I don't really mean that, but it fits with what I am saying here) when one can go to the temple with ones husband?!
Seriously, life is so good.


JenEischens said...

Sounds like not a very good day, but a great ending. Enjoy those times while you can. When more kids come it is hard to get away to the temple like that. ~Jen Ard-Eischens

Aunt Tiff said...

Hope tomorrow brings a better & brighter day! i am sure the temple and the hubby made it ALL better!!

Lauren Maley said...

HEY! wait a minute!!! our plans did not fall through, I just didn't text you at 6:45am to tell you they were still on :) sorry friend! So glad I got to have lunch with you today!