Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bitter Sweet

SO... my LoLo, my Love Face, My Rolito, My Lauren Maley is getting married on Saturday!! Yahoo!!! I am so excited for her. Jans is a great guy and she deserves the VERY best!

THAT is the sweet.

There is more sweet. My sister-in-law, Keri, is also getting married this weekend - Sunday, to be exact. We are so excited for her and Oren. They make a great couple and it makes us very happy to see them together.

More sweet. Love Face is getting married here in the beautiful Washington, DC temple. (Same place Christian and I were sealed.)

more sweet. Keri & Oren are getting married in a lovely place in Ohio.

The bitter. I have to miss one wedding. I have shed many tears knowing that I am missing my best friends wedding. I never imagined I would not be there in the sealing room as she looked across the alter to make sacred and eternal covenants with her one and only. I am so incredibly sad that I sit here crying just writing about it. I. Am. So. Sad. So. Sad.

I am incredibly happy to go to Keri & Oren's wedding. We are so excited to see family and get to spend some time playing with them. We've missed them. I am so happy to spend a four-day weekend with my SuperSexyMan and my SuperSpunkyLynn. We are ready to have some fun.

So, in closing... Congratulations to Lauren & Jans and Congratulations to Keri & Oren.

(LoLo, I love you and I really wish I could be there. Luckily, for you, it will be such an amazing, special & exciting day you will hardly even realize that I am not there to share it with you. I am there in spirit, my friend. I will be thinking of you. Have an amazing time in Florida!!)


Eve said...

Congratulations to Lo Lo and your sister in law. What a beautiful weekend!! You inspire love CJ!

Aunt Tiff said...

Awe that is so almost made me cry and I don't know either couple! I'm sure your best friend understands!! Have fun on your trip!!

VonTana said...

We won our game today. That means you can come play with us again next week. Doesn't that make you feel a little better? :)!