Sunday, March 7, 2010

365 Days...

Happy Anniversary, to me and to my rockin' hot husband, Christian!

What a year it has been. It's been 365 days of learning. I've learned a lot about Christian, a lot about being a mom and A LOT about myself.

I really don't have a lot to say about all of it, but I thought such a "momentous occasion" called for a posting (it's been a while since my last one and I try to write when things are "BIG").

Christian and I went out yesterday to celebrate. He keeps teasing me by saying "I didn't think we'd make it this far." Now, this teasing comes because of me and my "crazy pills." We've laughed a lot about how ridiculous I can get every once in a while (say, monthly... heehee) and how emotional I am. Quite a few times I've just started crying at like ten o'clock at night and ask him if he thought we could actually do this marriage thing and if he actually loved me enough to put up with me all the time. So if I'm not being a complete, insane wreck, joking about my emotional imbalance is quite funny.

So... anyway, I'm pretty sure that was a pretty wide tangent... We went out yesterday to one of our favorite restaurants in DC, Potenza. This place is SO delicious!! I think it's the one restaurant that we pack our bellies full of amazing appetizers and entrees and then we still have to get dessert -- it's just too good to pass up. We really enjoyed our lunch and we even went boot and dress shopping; boots for the man, dress for me.

Ok... this is getting dry... ewww. So HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my handsome hubby! I love you my SuperSexyMan!!


Uniquely Charis said...

WoW! Nice photo!

Eve said...

You make me sick with your ewwy gooey posts!! ;) I love it sooo much!! And I love you.

Cheryl said...

Happy Anniversary! I love that you are an emotional wreck married to a psychiatrist! Perfect! LOL ;D

Aunt Tiff said...

Happy Anniversary to you guys!!! You two are perfect for each other...just let him love you, all of you. it takes a special man to be married to women like you and I:)!!!