Saturday, October 18, 2008

I win, I win!!

Friday night I went to a party to participate in some healthy competition... It was mostly healthy because I won it all!!! I even got a $20 Target gift card out of it.

The funniest thing about it -- this was video game competition. Not only do I hate video games, but I am terrible at playing video games. I, honestly, have NO idea how I pulled it off. Not only did I beat everyone out, I seriously slaughtered them!

The game was old school - Marvel vs. Capcom.

Here's my strategy:
1. Pick Captain America & Gambit
2. Jump up and down and take two deep breaths
3. Stretch out three fingers on the right hand
4. Push buttons as fast as you can while you direct the joy stick at your opponent
5. Be literally UNBEATABLE

It was quite a work out and, surprisingly, a lot of fun (winning is SO great!!!). The boys were impressed and my fingers were sore...

(P.S. It still would have been fun if I had lost. Let this be a lesson to you.)

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