Thursday, October 9, 2008

Me? Complain?

If you're following my ramblings you know it's been a little bit since I rambled... So I feel the need to ramble. The problem is, what I really want to ramble about it kind of an oxy-moron, or double-negative, or... anyway... I hate to complain, but I am TIRED OF COMPLAINERS!! Tee hee. It really is killing me lately. I am getting complainy about complainers, now that is a bad sign. In all seriousness, I am just surrounded by way too much complaining. Seriously folks, lets stop dwelling on the negative and PLEASE STOP COMPLAINING -- especially to or around me. Ok, now I have done my complaining and I will stop.

Positive note:
I am overjoyed lately. You might say bubbly. Sure, there is plenty that I could ... there's that word again - complain about, but I am just too happy to complain. Why, you might ask?? Ok, then I guess I'll tell you... :)

1. Holiday Weekend -- no work on Monday= BABY DAY!!! I get to go play with my niece and nephews who are the completion of my life. My bro-in-law likes to mock me and call me the nanny/maid service, but nothing makes me happier than heading "down south" to spend a day with "my babies."

2. Conference Weekend -- Last weekend was that super-charge that I long for every six months. Any of you who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints know what I mean, and if you aren't you should really look it up. Conference weekend is when we, as Gods children, have the awesome opportunity to listen to prophets and apostles speak to us the words of Christ - give comfort, strength, chastising and, overall, warm fuzzies. It was a great weekend for me to get back in touch with who I know I am in the grand scheme of things as a daughter of a Father in Heaven who loves me and knows my every thought, desire, pain, sadness, weakness and every happiness. I need it every six months!! SUCH a blessing.

3. Only my right knee is swollen this week. Glorious.

4. I can walk today. Monday -Wednesday was... interesting. My back had a kink in it and I was walking like a little, old lady. I was getting mocked by the young punks in my office - whipper snappers!!

5. My oldest sister, Charlotte, reached out to me this week. I was so thrilled to hear from her -- I never hear from her!! It makes me so sad to be so distant from those I love. I feel so odd being the only one still in my SO VERY SINGLE state in my family. I feel like I'm forgotten sometimes... Its difficult feeling like the phone or email or whatever only goes one way. Sometimes I would just love it if, despite their busy, married lives, they remembered me every once in a while... *sigh* There I go complaining... Done! So, Charlotte and I texted all afternoon and it was wonderful to be remembered!!

6. My baby brother just turned 25 AND found out he's going to be a daddy again. Yay. Joy. Nothing makes a happy aunty more happy than adding another kiddo to the basket.

7. I have two living grandmothers. Both of these grandmothers have birthdays coming this week. This just reminds me how much I love and appreciate them and the precious gifts they gave. I love that saying: "All because two people fell in love." So, here's my thank you to Fancy Jayne and Mardell for giving the gift of those "two people who fell in love." I love my parents. They are the best. Thanks Marmie and Daddy.

See, life is so good. I gotta lotta love and a lotta gratitude; that's all you need to have a good life. Love much. Give all.

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Jessica B said...

It seems like that is all people do lately. thanks for sharing the positive. I am glad you are enjoying life because it is great. I love it too.