Thursday, August 20, 2009

Can I have your PIANO when you are dead?!

So, it's officially been forever since I blogged and I have been getting so much flack for it. Sadly, my journal writing may even be further behind that. Now here I am writing just a quickie.
Story goes something like this:
I grew up playing this piano, taking lessons here and there. I never really got all that good at it because, let's face it, like everything else, I just never applied myself. I really love playing the piano, it's practicing that comes so hard.
So, anyway... the joke has always been that I would get the piano when my mother died. SHE HAS NOT DIED, but I got the piano anyhow. I liked to tease my mom about "my piano" and now it really is mine. When the big fire rolled through Heber I only asked that my parents save "my piano!" tee hee I am such a brat, but being a brat apparently pays off - I think they just got sick of my whining (or they wanted to free up the space in the room where it lay dormant, begging for someone to stroke its keys every once in a while...)
Dad hauled it all the way out here from AZ in the back of the suburban, we suckered a couple friends into dragging it inside (Christian mutilated his arm in the process), I polished it up a bit, we're going to get it tuned and then I am going to attempt to teach Sarah how to play. And yes, I already ordered a Jim Brickman Easy Piano book for myself, thank you very much.

And now... I have blogged. I'll try to get back into this. I have so many great stories from this summer with Sarah - I'm sad I didn't share. School starts up again on Monday, so we'll see how much time I have on my hands whilst I BEG for someone to give me a job; I just want to teach the little rascals!!


Aunt Tiff said...

oh Clarissa i was wondering if you were still breathing!! glad you finally updated and SOOOO glad you got a piano!!

KaNdRa and JaReD said...

LUCKY! I wished I had a real piano. I have a little digital one but not a real one. Enjoy!

Taylor K said...

I'm jealous. I expect a recital the next time I visit!

Anonymous said...

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Thumbs up, and keep it going!