Saturday, August 22, 2009

I deem today

Taylor Swift Day.
Don't ask me. I hardly even know who this girl is. I have just had her music in my head all morning; now Christian and Sarah can deal with it too. (insert evil laugh)
I just love "Tear Drops on My Guitar" and "Love Story."
My guess is either Bekah or Nora gave me the songs that I actually own because I don't really have any idea where they came from. Thank you ladies for filling my head with bubbly, silly songs.
Any other Taylor Swift suggestions? These songs may get old fast... but then again, maybe that's a good thing! haha
(I am inserting a picture of her because I didn't even have any idea what she looked like before I decided to deem this her day, and holy cow, she is adorable!!)

1 comment:

Taylor K said...

she is also six feet tall, just like another Taylor you know. Also, my brother's girlfriend looks JUST like her. Lucky girl, right?