Friday, December 18, 2009

One Year Ago...

One year ago my life completely changed. I knew it had changed the moment that my heart about fell out of my chest and I heard this voice in my head say "This is it. You're done. Game over." I tried to shout back "Noooooooooooo..." But it was useless, the man I was about to go out to dinner with was going to be the man I spent the rest of eternity with. I knew it and now I was terrified to go through with it. But... luckily, I didn't turn back and now I will never turn back. Christian is my completion. We like to joke that we are each others density.
Due to the fact that I am looking so fondly on last year, I wanted to share a little thing I had been working on. Man! I really wish I had written more, but who knows?! I just might go back through and fill in all the gaps.
I titled this "The Story." Enjoy. I'll try to put some more details maybe in the next couple of weeks... AND... here it is...

The story.

Christian and I met about 4 years ago through his sister, one of my best friends, Amy. Amy was out here as a nanny for him and his wife, Holly, who was suffering with MS. Amy took me to her house and was showing me family photos. I immediately said “Who’s that?! Please tell me he’s not married!” She started to giggle and said, “That’s Christian. You know, Sarah’s dad?!” Sarah is Holly and Christians daughter. Being the kind of girl I am (a decent one), I signed him out of my head; afterall, he was a married man. Later that afternoon, Christian came home from school. He was in his psych rotation in medical school. I thought that was pretty interesting and we chatted about it for a bit. While generally chatting, Christian totally psycho-analyzed me. I thought it was pretty funny and it’s something I never forgot.
Now, years have gone by… Holly suffered much with her MS and was finally released from her pain and suffering. All along Amy had kept me in the loop as to what was going on with Christian, Holly and Sarah. When Amy thought Holly was going to pass, she was sure to call me and let me know what was going on. When Holly did finally go, Amy made sure I knew and my heart ached for dear Sarah… and, especially, Christian.
Bit of a side-note, Amy has always told me she thought that if Christian hadn’t met Holly he and I would have been perfect for each other. She has also been quite adamant that she and I were friends were for a greater purpose. I have always adored her; in fact, her marriage to Brad Hurst was the first sealing I’d ever witnessed in the temple. That was a wonderful experience, one that I shall never forget. At that time, I met the whole Schrader family. They were so good to me. I remember wishing there was one more son… some way for me to officially be family. ☺
Back to the story… While I was in Hawaii in November, Amy convinced me that I needed to become friends with Christian via Facebook. With pure intentions of getting him out, giving him someone to talk to or whatever, I accepted her challenge. It took some time after making the request for him to accept. Then he didn’t say anything, so I finally sent a message:

December 12 at 2:17pm
“so do you actually remember who i am or just take pity on the friend request?? or did you just figure "ah, she's friends with amy and keri, she can't be that wacko... within reason..."??”

His Reply:
December 13 at 11:09am
“I remember who you are. Also, I deal with wacko people everyday, so wacko facebook friends are just an extension of my normal job. ;)
Sorry about not being able to attend the movie night, I'm on call at the hospital a lot over the next few weeks to cover the holidays. Hope it goes well.”

December 13 at 4:02pm
“AH, it's ok. Not that I have any understanding of "on call," but... I understand. :)
We should, however, get together sometime over the holidays. I'll be here, you'll be here... Hot chocolate. Maybe a movie or Christmas lights...
P.S. I cannot believe how big Sarah is. She's so beautiful.”

December 14 at 7:07am
“You know what, I'd like that.
To fill you in, I'm a resident psychiatrist at Walter Reed. On call means I am at the hospital covering both our locked psych ward, the ER, taking consults from anyone in the hospital, and admitting them to our or other hospitals if need be.
I'm free on the 22nd after work (the earliest I've got open. This next week I am taking over a new ward and taking call twice so I'm swamped.) If you want, I'm an avid texter. Cell # 301*******.”

Him again:
December 14 at 7:12am
“Oh, BTW. Interesting blog.”

December 15 at 12:25pm
“you read my blog?? i guess you now know that i am certifiable... haha.
avid texter? i'm not sure i know anyone older that 16 who would admit to that...
"hi, my name is clarissa and i am an avid texter too."
i think i have more conversations over text messaging than i do face-to-face contact. :)
202-***-****. we can be texting buddies.”

Him: (this was in a thread titled “asking you out”)
December 14 at 7:46pm
“Hey, I know you mentioned wanting to get together sometime soon. 'Tis the season after all, to be merry and jolly and all that, and personally I really enjoy getting out and doing things.
My call and work schedule is a little hectic, and honestly, I don't know anything about what it takes for you to get into DC or when you are free. I can be free some days this week for a few hours after work (15th and 17th for something informal), earliest next week is the 22nd. I'm off 25th, 26th and open 27th until about 2-3pm (for something longer, or needing tickets).
Give me a heads up as to what your schedule is like so I can ask you out proper, and maybe get some tickets for something (sometimes good seating is still available a week out). There are a lot of shows I want to see, and would love some company. If you have any questions, you have my cell, or my hotmail is posted somewhere on my profile I think. I'm a pretty open person, so don't feel shy and just ask away.”

December 15 at 12:34pm
“It's not all that difficult for me to get into DC - I'm an old pro, afterall.
I'm definitely up for something next week. I'll just need a heads-up of some sort, myself, because I'll be at my sisters Christmas Eve/Day. You are welcome to come down and hang-out, if you'd like. We could maybe find something to do in the Richmond area?!
Let's chat, I'm sure we can figure it out - shouldn't be too difficult.
P.S. West Side Story opens up tonight -- and I figure if "Legally Blonde" was culture, then you're probably already dead-set on seeing this one. :)”

December 15 at 6:22pm
“West Side Story. You know that When you're a Jet you're a Jet all the way, from your first cigarette to your last dying day. I'm a Jet.
That sounds like fun too. So much fun, so little time.”

And then the “avid texting” began… if it were only possible to have saved all of those!! Now, THAT was fun!! We played “the question game” back and forth for more than a week and really learned a lot about each other. My very favorite question was the one I asked the day of our first date: “Your idea of the perfect crime.” His answer?? Too good! I about died of laughter!! Answer: “Stealing the perfect kiss.” HAHA. I still get a kick out of that one! And it took him a while to come up with it!! He is such an incredible flirt – I may have met my match!!

Now, on to the dating…
Dec 17th – Dinner
Dec 20th – Movie (“Yes man!”) and dessert (Ruby Tuesdays)
Dec 21st – Concert at V.C.
Dec 24th – Christmas Eve
Dec 25th – Christmas Day --- amazing walks & conversations
Dec 26th – “I Love You”
Dec 27th – Legally Blonde
Dec 29th – New Jeans (giggle)
Jan 1st – New Years Day w/Sarah --- “Clarissa Jane Baumann, I want you for time and all eternity.”
Jan 2nd – Ring shopping
Jan 4th – Dinner w/mom & Sarah
Jan 6th – Set a date & place (1st time)

more to come... maybe... ;)


Eve said...

Brilliant! I love that the world changed in a matter of 20 days. I remember leaving town in December--and coming home and the whole world was flipped upside down.

This is such a great story!

Aunt Tiff said...

I love it! Thank you for sharing!!! I have to tell you...Ben was on his mission when Brandon and I met and he tells me that he and his companion got a kick out of how one letter I was telling Ben about this boy I met...the next letter was our wedding announcement...and the next letter was a baby binki telling him I was prego!! All within two months!!

Kristal said...

I'm so glad you shared all this. I didn't know you got hooked up that quickly! It must have been meant to be. So glad you found your sweet heart.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!