Monday, December 14, 2009

WHAT are you doing?!

Ok, so it seems that I post only every few months or so. I fully intend to write more often, but I just seem to... seem to... find myself doing many, many other things. Blogging just doesn't seem to be on the top of my list.
So what have I been up to? Well... I have gone back to playing with babies all day. I thought those days were long gone until I started popping them out myself, but here I am again, back to my old antics. I am watching yet another set of twins. Caitlin and Mikeala are my little babies. I call Caitlin my monster and Mikeala my princess. They are so sweet and so much fun. They keep me busy all day and then Sarah Lynn comes home and loves to entertain them with her piano playing and reading them books. (She cannot wait to be a big sister someday!)
On top of these two, I have recently started watching another little one, Makenzie. She's super cute and very active. She loves to play with the twins and we all have a lot of fun together.
I just took a couple minutes out of napping time to write this and now I seem to have nothing else to say - but I know there is much more I should write about. I just may write again soon... We shall see...


Aunt Tiff said...

oh how i wish you would update more often, so those of us that live on the other side of the world could know what is going on in your life:) Good for you for taking care of these little ones. wish you lived closer so i could ship half of mine your way!!

Megara said...

good for you! i think you should always do what's right for you at this moment.