Wednesday, September 7, 2011

As promised...

Although I am not certain that my "demands" were exactly met, I will write a blog post for those of you who may actually care...

I tell you, it is really hard being way out here in the middle of nowheresville, out in the middle of idontknowanyonehereville. I seriously need a life. And I am in need of some friends. I miss all my "old" friends.

I am aching for Amber and Mike and the kiddos. I want to play with my LoLo. And then there's Bekah, and VonTana... TayTay... Lani... Kira... Roonnate... Nora... Evey... And I know I'm not naming everyone, but those are just to name a few... I just feel so out of place not having someone close by. Its been so long since I've been so on my own. Yes, yes, I have Christian and my girls, but it's somehow just not the same. It doesn't make it easier that I just feel so lame. I've gained about ten pounds since moving here; not because I'm eating tasty foods of anything, just because I'm being a fatty. I mean, come on, there are two Sonics (pretty much my favorite place!!) in town and I've only gone there ONCE -- and that was today!(If you know anything about me, that's pretty much a big deal.)

But besides feeling lame and fat and all alone, life is pretty good here. giggle

Our house is great. It is so comfortable and so NOT connected to another house!! haha I love that we only hear our own noise within these walls. :) We have a great amount of space and I was pretty much unpacked within a few days -- just had to wait to get a bookcase to empty out my books; that wait about killed me!

Cora is just growing and growing and GOING and GOING! She is trying to walk... it's the greatest thing to see her zoom all over the house in her little walker -- and I'm telling you, she can go!! She is fast!! She loves to chase and be chased. She turned 9 months today and she is, officially, still my little peanut -- we still haven't hit 17 pounds. BUT what she lacks in weight, she makes up in fun! Everywhere we go people fall in love with her and her blue, blue eyes. She is a ham and really gets to talking. And yes, I am "Mum Mum" and I love it!!

Sarah had an awesome summer visiting everyone in the family and now she is settling into third grade. She loves Hugh Bish, she loves being a Knight and she LOVES Mrs. Shippers third grade class. That girl loves school -- now if only I could get her to love doing her chores. ;) Oh, and she is getting SO amazing at the piano. We got her another outstanding piano teacher, who also happens to be her music teacher at school. Her is really challenging her and pushing her and she isn't even fighting back! It's so much fun to listen to her play.

Ok... that is all I am going to write for now. I'm going to leave a little out in order to have more to write later. Haha... I know, it's killing you!! You'll just have to wait for a little update on Christian. (He's LOVING Lawton, by the way.)

Pictures below are of the front room and kitchen/dining areas.
More to come... hopefully soon?!!? Who knows.


Bekah said...

oh oh oh oh!!! I want to come to nowheresville and visit...and extended stay. Who needs work right? I LUF YOU!

Aunt Tiff said...

Your home is beautiful!! And yes there are LOTS of us out here in nomansland who care about you and miss your keep them coming!! more pictures please...haven't seen photos of your little one in a LONG time!! Love ya girl!

Aunt Tiff said...

oh and I wanna know why I'm not on your blog stalking list:)

Taylor K said...

I miss you too friend! I hope that life settles down soon so that I can come to see you and the fam at your new Oklahoma homestead. Love you. xoxo.

KaNdRa and JaReD said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel. I am in the same situation that you are...including the 10 lbs...:(
It takes a while to friends and I should know, I have moved to 3 different states. I have lived here in LV and I have friends but not close friends. It does help forcing yourself to get out and go to a museum, park or anyplace but home. Soon your little blue eyed cutie will be running around and it will be fun taking her places and seeing her explore:)
Hang in there!