Friday, September 23, 2011

Cora Has A New Trick

So, I actually have a grand scheme in my head about a post I want to make, but Cora's new trick (as of this weekend) is kind of trumping it! **So maybe I'll write the other one tomorrow night** I suspect this funny new thing has something to do with a visit from a certain Aunt whom Cora adores!! She was so cranky the day after Auntie Charly left us... But anyway, all weekend and into this week she has been up to... THIS:
and THIS:
I have no idea why she is suddenly hanging her tongue out like a puppy, but it is so darn cute! And so funny! She sometimes even makes that "nmnmnmwahhhhhh" sound while she's doing it. It has us rolling while we were trying to catch it in a picture -- she started to laugh too:
I would post the funny video of it, but I have no idea how to do that... anyone want to offer their assistance?? :) In the meantime, we'll just keep giggling at the trick ourselves. She is such a goofy, happy, giggly baby and OH SO LOVEABLE!!


Aunt Tiff said...

Oh I could seriously just squeeze her!

KatieB said...

Ha ha...soooo cute :) I'd love to see the video!

(when I post videos, I just upload them to youtube and then link it to my post (or embed it))