Friday, September 30, 2011


I made a new friend. Her name is Julie. She lives down the street from me, was a nanny "for like ever" like me and she has a sweet little baby girl like me and she is expecting another little one soon... NOT like me at all!! Haha :) Now maybe Lawton won't be so lonely. I was really singing the blues, feeling so alone, so forgotten and so isolated. I told Christian I found a new BFF and he just laughed. (We like to joke about things like BFF and OMG and LOL and all those little sayings.) Hooray for my new BFF!! Hooray for Julie. **Julie, I promise I'm not a crazy stalker for blogging about you** Please don't be scared and run away. I'm just so happy to have a friend. :) (and... this picture just made me giggle because i love bananas and i'm obsessed with monkeys... and it's just cute. it was either this one or a spongebob picture... but that's too typical of me, so i chose this one.)

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