Sunday, November 16, 2008

Thank you!!

I just want to say thank you to everyone for the best 27th birthday ever -- I'll never have another one, so I'm glad it was good!! So many people gave hugs and love and "shout outs." There were songs and diddies and all things birthday. Thank you!

I had an amazing dinner with wonderful friends and family. THE BABIES (my most favorite little people in the whole, wide world) came!! Samantha stole a few hearts, Houston broke a few noses and Caleb melted the toughest of critics - sorry folks, they just can't be beat. Thanks to all my amazing friends who came and threw together another tasty Kenyan feast -- ahhhh... chapati. Need I say more?!

Only one regret of the day -- those Skins just can't win on the 16th of November. :( Man, o man.
(I'm still trying to catch on to the whole photo upload and jargonotting this blog, so forgive the awkwardness of the photos and captions.)

Caleb Jeremiah.

Houston Walker.

Samantha Nicole.

Amber, Mike & Caleb.

The final group.


Lauren Maley said...

i SOO wish i could have been there. =( see you tuesday though?!?! how about that chinese place we went with Kiks?!?!

brianne said...

Happy belated birthday cousin!! Love you!!

DJ, Valorie and Ammon said...

I guess that means there's no room for Ammon to be a favorite?