Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Hap-Happiest Season of All

For real!? If it was warmer maybe. If everyone wasn't sick... MAYBE. I froze my face off yesterday. I got home after a long day of work and my house was 50 degrees. Happiest season!? How do you figure???

I make an official proposal that could not only actually make it the Happiest Season of all, but it could boost the economy:

Just think of the good that would do the economy to have Christmas twice in one year -- we can't bypass the fact that Christmas is being celebrated now, but we can still move ahead with the plan and have Christmas in April. I propose... hmmm... arbitrary date... April 6th... what do you think??

Instead of celebrating a holiday in December when it's horrible to travel, too cold to go outside and all you want to do is sleep, let's have HIBERNATION WEEK. We can combine it with New Years -- hibernate the 29th-31st and wake up and party. I think it's the perfect way to ring in a new year. You know, I just may start celebrating this all on my own until it really catches.

So, yes... I will see you for Christmas mom. See you in April!!

P.S. I'm still totally fine with the much mistletoeing, though...

1 comment:

Aunt Tiff said...

Im down with that...but can we wait til April of 2010? I can't afford another Christmas tha soon:)