Monday, December 15, 2008

What came first...

the germs or the cold??

Everyone has the germs and everyone has a cold!! I successfully avoided one in Hawaii - do not ask me how! But I think one is finally coming on. It just may be my turn. :(

I just gotta wonder, how long have these germ been festering inside of me? The very thought just grosses me out -- kind of like the mold that was growing on the package of cheese in the fridge. I found it last night and promptly chucked it in the trash. I hate mold! Also, who was so kind as to share this cold with me. Usually, sharing is a good thing, but whoever you are, you could have kept this to yourself -- kind of like the owner of the cheese, you could have eaten it or thrown it away yourself. :) AH, thanks for sharing!! (I just wish that I could so promptly throw this out too.)

I hate colds. I hate it when I perpetually feel like I need to cough, but all I have is a scratchy throat. I hate the pain that builds behind my eyeballs. I hate the snot that runs down the back of my throat. I hate the draining sound I get in the back of my ears.

But you know what I LOVE about colds?? Getting better. I love the amazing reminder and blessing that it is to be well -- reminds me not to take health for granted. I should give praise and thanks to my Father in Heaven every day that I am healthy. Now... I'm excited to be 100% again...

Anyone got a box of tissues?


Aunt Tiff said...

Ah man! i wish you were here! we could share the tissue together:) I feel just like you described it...I hope you get feeling better soon!

Lindsey said...

Moldy cheese??? How dare anyone let something that precious get moldy!

As for the box of tissues....I ain't got none, they were all used on my own lovely cold.

:) Loonnate