Thursday, September 4, 2008

Don't make me regret it

I hope they chose wisely:

I just don't want to be disappointed. I loved the books and I fear I will hate the movie. I don't like her... I'm not a fan of him... Could they have chosen better? Can't we just make the one with Jacob in it already?! Tee hee. Jacob...  MOST importantly, is this going to feel like it did when I read the books?? 

What a nerd. Who cares? Just watch the movie CJ! Boo.

OH wait, and while we're on that topic... was anyone else a little disappointed by Breaking Dawn?! Geez, it took me long enough to read it, I was hoping for... oh I guess I won't say it, just in case you haven't read it. I AM NOT A SPOILER... Renesmee.


Jessica B said...

oh you poor girl. You got sucked into the cult as well.

DJ, Valorie and Ammon said...

I loved the whole series, including Breaking Dawn, it made me cry.