Thursday, September 4, 2008

Top this!

So... I may or may not have schooled all the boys that I work with... tee hee. It was grand! My boss has this motto "work hard, play hard." Everyone works hard, so we plan a "play hard" activity once a month or so. This month I planned an outing to Dave & Buster's. Oh! Eat your heart out!! We broke up into four teams of three and had ourselves a nice little competition. Oh, if LoLo, MarMar and Jake could only see me now... I kicked MAJOR trash shooting hoops, and of course, on skee ball. There was just no competition. I may or may not have scored a 32 on the hoops, with the closest behind that being 22... Oh, I love it when a plan comes together. The guys were all giving me such crap about how they were bringing their "A" game and I better be on top of mine. Geez. I love healthy competition -- especially when I win!! :)

Then to top it off, I not only got free food afterwards, but then I got to go play soccer with my team in Chantilly and bball with the girls in Springfield.

Oh this tough life I lead. Don't hate.

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