Tuesday, September 2, 2008

If you really must know

Alright, alright. Everyone wants to know why I decided to blog. Must I really have a reason?! What if it's just something I felt like doing?? Believe me, I am pretty arbitrary like that; I don't need a reason to do anything. So truth be told, I just felt like it. Period.

So here I am... blogging... The real question is: Why are you reading this??
I have a couple solutions:
1. You are way beyond bored.
2. You figure that if you read this you will never actually have to hear my voice again -- and that's a very good thing.
3. You just can't stand what ever distance is between us and feel that this will help us to find that "lovin' feeling, woah, that lovin' feelin..."
4. You just can't get enough of my endless stories and all the ridiculous situations I continually find myself in.

Simply put, whichever it is, I hope this solves your problem. It just may solve mine... Oh wait, that's an entirely different blog for an entirely different lifetime (because it would take about a lifetime to describe and another lifetime - or two - to figure out). As it is, I should have been in bed approximately 54 minutes ago. So much for New Years Resolutions that I make on the 1st of September. I'm  a mess, I tell you.

I really could go on...  
(Oh, and i just can't get enough of... so if you have a problem with... you might not want to return to this blog... or maybe...)
...       ...       ...      ...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You definitely solve my problems. 1, 3, and 4 apply to me. I have been browsing/stalking all your posts, and I just really really love you. Not in the hey-there's-my-friend-CJ-and-she's-fun-so-I'll-say-I-love-you sort of way. I really mean it. You are so dang REAL.