Saturday, September 6, 2008

It's Official

I guess I am now a real blogger. Do bloggers sit around and worry about their blog?! Maybe blogging is a bad idea for someone with OCD like I have... I feel compelled to write. I feel like I must always have something to say (which, quite frankly, I always do). :)

I've been with my sister, brother-in-law and niece and two nephews since yesterday evening. I love this place. It's like a home away from home... well, sort of. It's like having a roommate times 5. I'm doing laundry, washing dishes, cleaning up after I just finished cleaning up... It's non-stop. But I must say, this is a lot more... fulfilling... then cleaning up and taking care of roommates. Dear, dear roommates.

Doesn't matter how much I love and appreciate them (which, by the way, I totally do!), I always love and appreciate my own space a little more. Speaking of space, so you have GOT to see my new room. I proudly call it CJ's Love Suite; that's because it's totally sweet. (I should post some pictures...) It's huge! And it's mine. My own. I have a ginormous closet, an over-sized bathroom (with two sinks - one for washing my face and hands, the other for brushing my teeth -- you see the OCD?!) AND a love seat. Glorious. And there's room to spare; plenty of room for yoga - I tried that one out the first night!!

So, maybe you can tell that I am a little happy about it. I plan to have a little "pool" party in my room soon - yes! there is a jacuzzi tub!! Come on over for your own private tour, chill with me and watch a flik, take a nice bath, or just lounge in my oh-so-spacious closet. Heaven - or pretty close to it. If it were actually heaven, there would be...

Oh, we'll save that for another time... When I can be sure who's reading this. :) Okay, back to the laundry (kidding, I've already done all that)... I love this place!! (No, seriously, I do! I've got pictures to prove it... Well, at least I would if my camera hadn't died...)

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Lauren Maley said...

i'm glad you're having fun but COME HOME already. I need you too =)