Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Power of Anne Frank (a.k.a. The Power of Love)

Alright, so Anne Frank got me thinking...

Let me back up: This weekend I watch the newest version (go Disney!) of the Diary of Anne Frank. I had two thoughts while watching it:
  1. I always forget how sad this story is... she is just one of MILLIONS of Jews who lost their lives; her family is just one of thousands that was destroyed and torn apart... This was a BIG deal -- it still is a big deal!
  2. Children to should how to speak to adults. (This one I may address later.)
But then, as my mind works, on my drive home from a visit with the kiddos, I thought about the amazing power of love. Think on this: stories upon stories unfold every day on how love can sustain lives. I honestly and truly think it is a divine gift; the ability to love and the ability to be loved. I started to get weepy as I sat in my car alone, just thinking about all those that I have loved in my lifetime. I cannot count the number of people who, at different times in my life, I have been unable to live without. One whom I thought I could never live without is my grandpa, or Pa, as I called him. When I found out he was most likely going to die of cancer my heart fell out of its place. When he finally was released from his pains and his burdens, I was numb. BUT, as time would have it, my heart is filled by his presence, by his memory and by my longing to be with him again someday -- I have no doubt it will be.

Now, as I was all weepy, I got to thinking about the ones I couldn't live without in this very moment:
Mom & Dad; Charlotte & Ryan; Valorie, DJ & Ammon; Amber, Mikey, Samantha, Houston & Caleb; Boi, Elizabeth & Cooper; LoLo; Lani; Amy; BooBoo; Roonnate. 

These are my life and deaths. *These are those who would make my heart fall if I found out something was going to happen or something had happened -- I  feel as though I would be pretty near death, as Anne when she felt she had lost everyone she loved. But I find a lot of... ah, what's the word??... I find myself recognizing that I could make it, because unless the Bubonic Plague comes or everyone decides to come visit me all at the same time and jump on a plane destined for the mountain sides (doom, big boom!), chances are I'd find someone who could help me make it through; help me find the strength to move on and live - live until I was able to be with them again.

LESSON LEARNED: Please schedule a visit so you're not all on the same plane. Thank you!

*Don't feel left out if you're not on the list. I'm sorry, these are just the names that flashed through my brain at the time. There are MANY, MANY friends whom I would certainly weep over if I lost them -- you are one of them, I am sure!!



Anonymous said...

I'm proud to be on your shortlist, and you've brought so much joy to my life.

Just a small correction, it was millions of jews that were killed in the Holocaust, 6 million in fact. So sad.

When I was in Amsterdam last month, I stayed a few doors down from where Anne hid.

You should check out Neutral Milk Hotel's album In The Aeroplane Over the Sea - it's a love letter to Anne.

DJ, Valorie and Ammon said...

Thanks for brining me to tears you little bitch! I love you!!!! xoxoxo