Monday, September 29, 2008

Too old for this!?

Am I too old to be playing soccer for and hour and a half (non-stop) and then playing basketball directly following that?!

I hope not. But I always seem to get so tired, so sweaty (SO gross!!) and eventually I always end up hurt.

Tonight I took some sweet toe stomps, a hard ball to the face, another hard ball to my bottom, jammed a finger and then rolled my ankle. It was a good night of sports - and sports injuries. I am such a mess, and a night like tonight proves it.

BUT, thanks to good ol' Aleve (or should I take Tylenol pm??? Hmmm...), I will sleep just fine tonight. Seriously, I can't complain. After all, I have two legs - that mostly work and mostly get me where I need to go. I have two feet. Ten toes - that are mostly in tact, except for the big toe nails, which I will be losing very soon (they are seriously SO ugly - see photos - that is NOT nail polish!!).

I can afford good pairs of shoes that absorb most of the weight I've gained -- oops! ;) And I have two knees that have not exploded on me yet. Not to mention, my hips that seem to work fine and my spine that is actually in line every once in a while due to a wonderful chiropractor.

No complaining here. Like I said earlier, if I didn't feel the pain I wouldn't think I was alive. Now if only I could stop being so clutsy... It's really so ridiculous sometimes - especially when I am trying to rush up the stairs and find myself falling UP the stairs, only to find that a perfect (very good looking) stranger is standing at the top... Oh the stories I could tell. :)

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